HPF Pharaoh Hatching Eggs
HPF Pharaoh Hatching Eggs

HPF Pharaoh Hatching Eggs

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We are excited to announce our newest blood line! We have been working with Our Pharaoh line closely to make this new blood line. We took the Our Pharaoh which is the best egg layer and meat bird on the market in our eyes and mixed it with our best Meat Maker blood line. We have now created an extremely good egg layer that lays huge eggs compared to normal quail eggs. These eggs will not fit in normal egg cartons, If you have a GQF Cabinet style incubator like most of our customers have these will not fit very well in the quail egg racks/trays, They will fit best in the Pheasant Egg Trays. The HPFPharaoh weighs on average over a pound! But we have had some birds weigh over 24 ounces which is 1.5 pounds. That is more rare but it is something that can be achieved with hard work. These will be avalible after March of 2020 All orders placed before that will be pre orders for the release date.

Quantity 110, 170, 230, 30, 50
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