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Crested Blue Swedish Ducks
Crested Blue Swedish Ducks

Crested Blue Swedish Ducks



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Crested Blue Swedish Ducks are a medium sized duck with a crest that is globular in form. They have blue plumage with a heart shaped white bib at the front of the breast. Since there is a lethal gene involved in producing crested ducks, special mating considerations must be made.

The blue (Bl) gene only has an effect on black plumage resulting in blue plumage when the blue gene is present in the heterozygous state (Bl bl). Other plumage colors are not affected by the blue gene. When blue (Bl bl) males are mated with blue (Bl bl) females, the ratio of colors produced is as follows: 1 black (bl bl), 2 blue (Bl bl) and 1 splash (Bl Bl) (white with a blue cast). Any blue variety ordered from Ideal Poultry may include chicks with black, blue or splash plumage patterns.

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