When will i get my shipment

Shipping time is deterimned based of what you ordered. Chicks are shipped every week Mon - Wen. Hatching Eggs are shipped Mon - Wen every week aswell. We go in order of when orders were placed. This means that there is wait time! Longer wait times 30+ days is common during peak seasons.

Are there any discounts?

There is always discounts! We work with influencers who have there own Promo Code that you can enter at check out for 1-20% off your order. Commerical customers get the biggest discounts as low as $0.30 an egg. More Info for commercial customers click here.

I want to cancel my order

Please read our refund policy here https://www.hatchpoultry.com/policies/refund-policy

What if i have a bad hatch rate?

We are confident in our quail and our breeding program so for 2020 and all the years going forward we guarantee you will have at least a 50% hatch rate. If you get lower then a 50% hatch rate we will reship the eggs free of charge. (WE ONLY RESHIP THE DIFFERENCE) 

Can we tour your breeding farms and or Hatchery

We unfortunately do not let customers or any visitors to any of our locations. Due to strict bio-security measures set fourth by our company and NPIP. We work closely with NPIP and the USDA to make sure our facilitys stay clean and disease free.