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Charcoal Layers
Charcoal Layers
Charcoal Layers
Charcoal Layers

Charcoal Layers "Project/Collection" Hatching Eggs



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The Charcoal Collection aka The Charcoal Project is a project started in mid 2019 by Hatch Poultry Farms. The project focuses on egg color by using a dilute to change the genetics of the layers to lay a charcoal colored egg (Blue/Grey/Black). The layers are from the HPF Pharaoh line and have been selectively breed to lay Charcoal colored eggs. If you have raised quail for any amount of time you may see this color in some of your eggs this is because all of the Pharaoh line carry's the genetics for this coloration some do not show it but others do. These quail weigh 13-15 oz on average and lay an egg a day from 7 weeks of age. Coming mid to late 2020.
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